Ever wondered if someone can help Political parties during election season?

For any political party in Haryana every election season brings huge public relations challenges. The necessity for outreach to convince voters weighs heavy and the stress of competition makes every moment unbearable. The manifestos need to be shared and broadcasted, fresh political slogans need to be invented, inspiring political songs becomes essential and on ground campaigning can never be done enough. Among all this chaos every party searches for ways to make the election campaigning more efficient…

This is where Election Army comes into the picture.

What a political PR management Agency can do?

A good election management agency can help you in more ways than you can imagine. Apart from digital marketing and political websites creation we are masters of on ground campaigning. Political flex, slogans, flash mob events, nukkad nataks, customized stationary gifts and door to door surveys are some of our many fortes.

What’s more?

Bulk SMS/voice calling, election war room setup, IT cell setup, online surveys, political songs, viral videos & more…

still need to know more?

Then check out complete list of our services below.

Online Promotions

Social Media Marketing


Web Profile

Online Profile(Ex. Wikipedia)

Live Streaming

Mobile Marketing

Bulk SMS

Bulk Voice Calls

Whatsapp Marketing

Missed Call System

Mobile number database

Audio & Visuals




Regional Songs

Animated & Documentary Videos

War Room

Political Rallies Feedback

Check Opponent Activity Online

Janta Helpline

Make Required Strategies for Campaigns

CRM Application

Worker Management

Voters Information Management System

Contact Management

Booth Tracking

Call Center


Interaction With Voters

Manage All Calling Reports

Expertise in Turn-out Voters

PR & Media

TV & Radio Adverts

Media Mediators

News Paper Inserts

Press Release Preperations

Ground Activities

Rally Execution

Bike Rally/Pad Yatra

Nukkad Natak

Campaign Creation & Execution

Human Resource

Campaign Strategist

Booth Workers

Worker’s Training

Polling Day Management

Data & Survey

Online Surveys

Voter Data Surveys

Booth Level Surveys

Offline(Door to door) Surveys

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