Indian Political Unity after JeM and ISI perpetrated Pulwama Attack

The cowardly attack on CRPF convoy in Jammu & Kashmir was perpetrated to affect upcoming Lok Sabha Elections, there are evidences found that Jaish-e-Mohhamad and Pakistani ISI are criminal masterminds behind the attack. This attack infused widespread anger across India, but the big question is has it made any changes to Indian Political Parties Mindset? Here is the analysis done by Election Army:

Current mood of Indian Public is seething with anger and thoughts of revenge on Pakistan, this factor prevents opposition parties from raising post attack issues like Rafale fighter jet deal with France. All opposition parties responded to the sensitive situation and offered complete support for fight against terrorism. This was a good decision by opposition parties and shows the Unity in Diversity that India is proud of. It gave a stern message to enemies of India that during the time of strife, India stands united.

Election Army would like to salute the Martyrs of this attack by below Infographics. Election Army Donated to the Bharat Ke Veer Account – and would like to encourage the visitors to do the same.

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